Our January 2017 Expense Report, Plus Why We Took A Break From Blogging

We must begin by saying just how phenomenal it was to have the first month of 2017 fly by us without a hitch! Despite a shocking $4258.32 medical expense we had to face, we still had a stupendous month in spirit and in health, and look forward to making some financial progress in February. Needless to say, I am very excited to be back in the blogging game after a brief six month hiatus!

Our Story

What happened to the Escapadians? Curious minds would like to know (or maybe not). We wish we could share some crazy story like winning the lottery or that Bill Gates decided to fund our early retirement, but that would be dishonest. So here is our story in a nutshell.

Last July, Mr. FE wasn’t feeling like himself so he decided to schedule a visit to his doctor. After many medical tests and a truly agonizing wait, we discovered that he had two very large tumors on his liver. We were extremely fortunate to find that the tumors were noncancerous, but after consulting with several physicians we opted to have the tumors removed as a precaution.

A walk through Public Garden in Boston, MA
Fast forward to now and we are super excited (think ecstatic!) to report that Mr. FE is back to his old self again! Of course, given the above scenario, I’m sure there is no need to elaborate on why I took time off of blogging. Just know that I don’t plan on doing another nursing shift for while.

Our Expenses and Not So Beloved Private Health Insurance Plan

I’m sure there is no need to reiterate how grateful we are that Mr. FE is okay, and that we don’t give a hoot about the medical bills, but the reason why our bills are so expensive does warrant an explanation.

Mr. FE used to have a spectacular private health insurance plan through his employer that gave us ample coverage at a very low-cost. We still have that same provider, but at the beginning of last year our deductible went from $500 to a whopping $5000, PLUS our insurance premiums nearly doubled. Unfortunately for us, this means we have to adjust our bottom line to accommodate the higher cost of health insurance, which in turn slows down our progress as we try to reach FIRE.

Now let’s get on with it! Below is a detailed copy of our January expense report.

January Expenses Amount Description
Mortgage, HOA, Property Tax $1,664.18 Property taxes went up which effected our mortgage payment
Cable, Phone, Internet $216.25 Ridiculous increase from Comcast! Just renegotiated so this is expected to come down.
Car Insurance $49.59 We must protect our Toyota Camry!
Natural Gas $49.00
Electricity $83.00
Water $38.00
Cell Phones $84.37 I’m testing Total Wireless. If it goes well, I will be switching Mr. FE’s plan so we can save more!
Medical/Dental $4258.32 This is a juggernaut! This balance includes some remaining medical expenses from last year, as well as, Mr. FE’s deductible and copays for some of follow-up tests he had done this year.
Household Supplies, Toiletries $114.87 We needed to stock up on supplies from Costco. This includes laundry detergent, dish detergent, kitchen bags, toilet paper, facial tissues, and contact lenses. My contact lenses alone are worth the price of the Costco membership given the fact that they are $15.98 a box and the eye doctor charges $89.00 per box.
Food ($85 per week) $403.87 A little higher than our $350 average, but we hosted a dinner party the first week in January where we missed Christmas.
Restaurant $16.12 We got stuck driving back home in a snow storm and decided to wait it out at a Wendy’s until they got the plows out. Not a normal expense for us!
Gas $54.39 About normal for this time a year where we do less driving.
Other $101.86 Mr. FE needed to replace some worn out clothing. This includes new ties, socks, and dress shirts.
Total Expenses $7133.82  Not good, I tell you!






7 thoughts on “Our January 2017 Expense Report, Plus Why We Took A Break From Blogging

  1. I’m so glad to hear that Mr. FE is getting back to his old self and you’re able to resume blogging again. How scary! Those medical bills are pretty crazy – we’re actually bracing for unexpected expenses that will come with the birth of twins in May.

    Definitely keep us posted on the cell phone plans. We’ve been pretty happy with Republic Wireless, but always looking for new ways to further minimize our bills.

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