Why We Don’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

This may be hard to believe, but we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We believe that Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a silly, over commercialized holiday designed to latch on to our hearts, and make us feel guilty if we don’t open our wallets. We don’t despise the holiday, but we do think that it’s a foolish holiday, and we frugal Escapadians don’t need any part of it.

Stuff Mr. FE won’t buy anymore.

We see no point in celebrating a holiday that is nothing more than a charade every February 14th, just so we can join mainstream society. We’ve been a couple for over 26 years now. Was it February 14th that held our relationship together for so long? We think not! We don’t need a holiday like Valentine’s Day to remind us how we feel about each other. We would much rather find other ways to accomplish this rather simple task.

Poor Mr. FE learned about my sentiment the hard way when he purchased a box of expensive chocolates and a teddy bear for me in the first year of our marriage. I was so mad. Livid, I tell you! At the time, we were living in a tiny (think shoe box) rented dump in Boston, and we didn’t have two pennies to our name. We had set a goal to save for a down payment on a home and fancy chocolates with matching teddy bears were not part of the deal. Of course, I do look back on this now and feel bad about my reaction, but we now have a house and Mr. FE  is in full agreement that Valentine’s Day is completely ludicrous.

It’s One Big Marketing Gimmick

Many moons ago, I had worked for a large floral distribution center as a side job to pay for college, and this is where I learned that Valentine’s Day was just another marketing gimmick.

I will never forget watching the marketing team come up with dumb names to get people to buy their flowers. They knew that naming a bouquet “Love You More” or “Because I Love You” would help promote the bouquets that were priced much higher just because the name was related to Valentine’s Day. Some of the prices were marked up more than 200%! 

The marketing team also rattled off absurd terms such as “psychological warfare” and “mind games” as they discussed how they were going to convince people to buy them. Their job was to make people believe that expensive flowers were a purchase they couldn’t refuse to make if they had any hope of impressing the recipient.

We say, no thank you! If we are going to invest in flowers, they better be the kind that we can plant in the ground. It’s a big waste of money to buy flowers you have to throw out in 3 days.

How do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

We do nothing! We get so much enjoyment out of our daily lives that there is no need to celebrate this ridiculous holiday. We would much rather declare our love to one another on a daily basis and reject the notion that we need to do this on a particular day. Valentine’s Day is pure nonsense in its highest form!


10 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you about Valentine’s Day. I’ve always thought it’s a little sad when a couple need an annual reminder to notice their loved one, instead of appreciating them in little ways every day, romantic gestures don’t have to cost lots of money.

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  2. I agree that every day should be special and I hate the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, but I love using it as an excuse to spoil my wonderful wife. I don’t do this with Chocolates & teddy bears though. I try to think of creative ways to show her just how much I care about her on Valentine’s day, kind of like an additional anniversary in my mind.

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  3. Fair enough OFE 🙂 I must admit we went out to dinner on Valentine’s Day – but we go out to dinner once a month, and we pick Valentine’s Day for February. Plus we used it as a little excuse to eat chocolate. So we don’t go all out but we do some things on the day.


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  4. I agree wholeheartedly! My husband and I have noticed how people put more stock into putting on a show for Valentines Day than they do into loving their significant other during the rest of the year. Besides, February 14 commemorates the day Saint Valentine was beheaded… so that’s a bit twisted. I’m more into February 15th, when all the candy goes on sale!

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