A New Blog Direction and an About Page Update!

A new direction on Our Frugal Escapades perhaps? Absolutely! It’s time to branch out and blog about other topics besides career and our thoughts on frugality. We have updated our about us page to reflect the topics we plan on discussing, but here is a brief overview.

Personal Finance – No one can deny that proper money management is key to achieving financial independence and a secure retirement.

Travel – We are big fans of slow travel and taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes of New England. We look forward to sharing these incredible adventures!

Health & Fitness – As we continue to grow older the battle of the middle age weight creep carries on. We will track our progress on getting and staying healthy and fit.

Besides, it’s not fair that Mr. FE is winning this battle while I’m falling behind. This doesn’t make sense because I talk way more than Mr. FE does, and as a result, I should be burning way more calories. So not fair! Ha ha!

Inspiration & Humor – Lately, it seems everyone we know is stressed out about life. Maybe it’s time we all enjoy a little inspiration or humor to lighten things up. The path to financial independence doesn’t always have to be a serious one!

Shorter posts – We will try to keep the posts easy and quick to read. But as you already know I do have the tendency to ramble on, so this will be a work in progress.

We’re ditching the detailed monthly expense reports – We feel as though we have a fairly consistent picture from month to month with only a few exceptions. We will continue to track our expenses on our own, but we see no need to continue on with this for the time being.

Don’t worry. If an alien spaceship decides to land on our roof and cause damage that is not covered by our home insurance (check your policy), we will blog about it!

Monthly Savings Rate – Moving forward, we will also be sharing our savings rate percentage increase/decrease starting in April!


3 thoughts on “A New Blog Direction and an About Page Update!

  1. Big changes! Monthly savings rate sounds great, we’ve never felt the need to detail every one of our expenses in our monthly updates – so you have our support on that change :).

    You’re so right about the ‘life stress’ – it must be contagious because we’ve been feeling it too, even with our strong financial position (money often being the leading cause of stress in our modern world).

    Mrs DDU

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    1. We enjoy seeing your progress each month on both your savings rate and the pregnancy! 🙂

      We agree that the details of our expense reports are not necessary, and are excited about being able to discuss new topics. We figure there is no point in ignoring the real reason why we (and others) are chasing after financial independence to begin with – to reduce stress.

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