March 2017 Progress Report and New Goals for April

March was a very eventful month for us! It started off with a computer melee, then gave us an epic snowstorm which left 2 feet of snow in our driveway, and concluded with a visit from our local fire department. Wild and crazy happenings!

As discussed in our post “A New Blog Direction and an About Page Update!”, we have decided to ditch the monthly expense reports. We will be replacing our monthly expense reports with monthly progress reports, which will allow us to gain a more accurate picture of where we currently stand on our path to financial independence.

But before we share our very first monthly progress report, we would like to give a shout out to Mr. and Mrs. AE over at Apathy Ends, who welcomed a new baby girl! Congratulations!

March 2017 Round-up & Progress Report

A computer melee – Our two-year old HP kicked the bucket! After two Windows 10 updates in a row, we saw everything from the blue screen of the death to black screens to flashing screens, then we lost our keyboard. Three PC duds later and a lot of time wasted, we ended up shelling out $799 for a new MacBook from Apple. So far…it’s the BEST computer we’ve owned yet! Expensive, yes…but the quality is worth the price!

Amazing little machine!
Epic snow storm – After getting over two feet of snow dumped into our driveway, we are hoping this is the last snow storm of the season. Enough already!

A visit from our local fire department –  The carbon monoxide detector we have installed in our master bedroom upstairs went off. It was deafening, I tell you! Then our smoke alarm in our hall downstairs went off. After running around the house like a couple of lunatics trying to find the source, the second smoke alarm went off.

I flew open all the windows, while Mr. FE ran down to the basement to shut off our gas furnace and water heater as a precaution – then we called the local fire department. The fire department did a walk through with their gas and carbon monoxide meters, then determined that it was a couple of faulty batteries. Batteries? We went through all of this chaos over BATTERIES!!!

We apparently replaced all of the back up batteries at the same time which is why the carbon monoxide detector and the smoke alarm went off simultaneously. The second smoke alarm went off because both smoke alarms in our house are connected. 

We were so embarrassed! We truly wanted to crawl under the fire truck and felt horrible for wasting the fire departments time, but they assured us that we did the right thing by calling.

Our goals for April – NEW!

Financial = We hope to keep our expenses under control and increase our savings. We want to be able to deposit additional funds into our investment accounts. I may pick up a few side hustles to make this happen.

Health = We have a lot to talk about on the health front, but for now we’ll keep it short. Both Mr. FE and I need to lose weight. It’s been a long winter and it’s time to up the ante on our exercise routine. We have decided to have a contest to see who can walk the most miles and look forward to sharing our progress in April!

How was your March?


4 thoughts on “March 2017 Progress Report and New Goals for April

  1. Great post!! Nooo so sad there will no longer be any Monthly Spending reports. However, looking forward to reading about net worth and all your other frugal adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Also, can’t agree enough about Apple. I’ve wasted so much money on shitty windows laptops until I switched to Apple. Well worth the investment!!

      Liked by 1 person

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