The Insidious American Dream

We work-

We desire white-collar or blue-collar success. We feel safe in a 9 to 5 routine and take comfort in our benefits. We strive for that office with a window, look forward to our weekends, and enjoy the occasional vacation. Our pride grows with each accomplishment and our egos soar from our achievements. And we take solace in knowing that everything we want is within reach.

We pursue-

We acquire the basics: a roof over our head, food, clothing, healthcare, and transportation. Then we want more: a home in suburbia, a white picket fence, a new car, a smart phone, and a big screen TV.  Suddenly, we need more: a mcmansion, luxury cars, designer clothes, go-go entertainment, expensive jewelry, high-tech gadgets, fancy meals out, and lavish vacations.

We sacrifice-

We accept the daily grind, being stuck in a cubicle farm, endless competition, the stress, exhaustion, and poor health. We tolerate the office politics and backstabbing coworkers. We work the overtime and don’t think twice about the precious time lost with our family and friends. We are burdened with stuff we must manage with our limited free time. We hold high amounts of mortgage, credit card, auto, and student debt – and we fight back against the tide by working two or more jobs. And thanks to a lack of savings and paltry retirement, we solemnly understand that we must do this until we die.

We must ask. Is today’s American Dream, as it’s defined today, worth it? 


8 thoughts on “The Insidious American Dream

    1. After some consideration, and a little persuasion from Mr. FE, I have edited the post and admit that it was the wrong choice of words. I do appreciate you bringing that to light! πŸ™‚

      I can see why walking away was one of the “best things” you have ever done. Must be so freeing to be released from the corporate trap!


  1. Hedonic Adaptation is the root of man’s need to have more, more, more. Consumer debt has provided us the means to keep digging a hole when previous generations had no choice but to stop. Now modern American culture defines this as the American Dream. We need financial advise blogs like this to keep us out of trouble! Nice Work!

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  2. Very well said! We agree that the American Dream has taken on a whole new meaning compared to previous generations. Sadly, we believe this will eventually take its toll on all of us.

    Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your terrific insight! We really appreciate it! πŸ™‚


  3. The dream can’t live. It’s too costly – especially for people’s true desires. And there can only be so many offices with windows, or we’ll run out of land.

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