Our January progress report, winter doldrums, the pats, and baking bread

The winter blahs. I’m definitely feeling them. Spring can’t get here fast enough! Unfortunately, Mr. Groundhog has spoken and we have six more weeks of winter.

I’ve never really cared for rodents.

I’m not sure I believe the hype behind Groundhog Day. Maybe it’s time I do some research on how a rodent can predict the winter.

Even Mr. FE woke up grouchy this morning and that is not like him. He normally exhibits boundless amounts of energy and exuberance first thing in the morning. Something of an anomaly since I’ve never been a morning person.

Perhaps Mr. FE’s moodiness has something to do with his beloved Patriots epic loss in the Super Bowl? He’ll get over it. The Pats have won FIVE titles and have been to the Super Bowl EIGHT times already. What more can I say about THE most hated football team in America. At least the Pats have something the rest of the teams don’t…Tom Brady (a.k.a. the goat!). Ha! See you in the Super Bowl next year.

Why do I suddenly have visions of hate mail and unfollows?

In any case, CONGRATS Eagles! A job well done!

Speaking of the Super Bowl, enough with the advertisements. We frugal addicts must rebel against such displays of consumerism. It’s sacrilegious, I tell you!

Told you I had the winter blahs.

Okay, it’s time to reveal our progress report for January 2018. I’ll pick up where I left off many months ago before Mr. FE and I took our long, much-needed hiatus.

Our January

I finally tried my hand at baking bread and learned it is surprisingly simple to do. My bread came out a little odd-looking because I don’t own bread pans, however the taste was phenomenal. I’m sure with a little (or a lot) more practice, I’ll be a bread baking pro in no time!

Homemade bread! So delicious!

Overall, January has proven to be a tough month for us. We lost a family member to leukemia, and my father continues to battle his pancreatic cancer. Also, my repeated in-depth CT Scan has revealed a very small pancreatic tumor which is no longer a cyst. We discussed these new challenges in the previous post.

My surgeon believes that it’s so small that I can leave it alone and redo the CT/tests next January to monitor the growth. Since pancreatic cancer has already taken two of my family members, and my father is currently battling it, we are not yet confident with this advice and have decided to seek out a second opinion.

Our Finances

January 2018 Net Worth:  2.68% increase!

January was an outstanding month for equities and our low-index mutual fund (VFIAX) kicked butt! Where our mortgage is sitting on 3%, we have opted to skip the extra principal payments so we could throw every available dollar towards our investments. This makes perfect sense to us given the current stock market climate and the fact that our investment returns have hit a stellar 27% for the year 2017.

Here is an overview of how I calculate our net worth:  I like to keep it simple.


Our current home value – I arrive at an average based on both Zillow.com and our mortgage provider’s monthly estimate for our home value. I believe this to be a fairly decent estimate.

Our current Toyota Camry value – Based on the initial used car value found in KBB.com minus $400 a month to account for depreciation.

Our current cash/investments – Our balances in checking, savings, 401(k)’s, IRA, and taxable brokerage account.


Our debts – This includes our mortgage debt, credit cards, or anything else we may owe. In this case, it’s the remaining balance on our mortgage because we ALWAYS payoff our credit cards in full every month and have no other debts.

Net worth is assets minus liabilities.

Well, that’s all the ramblings I have for now. Fingers crossed for another strong month in February.

How was your January?


2 thoughts on “Our January progress report, winter doldrums, the pats, and baking bread

  1. I love freshly baked bread, although I haven’t been making it as much as I used to. I think you’re right to get a second opinion, I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer about 12 and a half years ago, and I think it’s not one of those things you don’t want to fool around with. Best wishes, I hope you get some good advice.

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