Extreme couponing, robots doing back flips, and thoughts on saving

“10 coupon inserts for $10”

I thought the extreme couponing craze was over, but the deal posted on top of the newspaper stand at our local Market Basket implied otherwise.

To be honest I didn’t realize that people still read print newspapers and instead assumed that print newspapers were more akin to flip phones.

Remember flip phones?

Tech changes so fast it’s hard to keep up with it in any case. Soon enough we’ll have robots answering the damn phones for us while doing back flips.

Don’t believe me?

Check out this YouTube video of a robot doing back flips:

Real life terminators coming to a neighborhood near you. This stuff just blows my mind!

Now that I’m sidetracked…

The newspaper ad made me think of the show “Extreme Couponing” on TLC where individuals were obsessed with spending hours upon hours collecting inserts, cutting out little squares of paper, and strategically organizing their shopping trips – just so they could capitalize on getting 112 cases of marshmallow stuffed thing-a-ma-jigs for free.

This is insanity at it’s best!

Especially when they showed people dumpster diving to pull out extra inserts so they could score 187 sticks of cheap deodorant for free. Unless they were planning on stink proofing an NFL team, I have no idea how an individual or even a family could use THAT much deodorant in a year. Deodorant expires. Their armpits must have been humongous!

Nutritious food purchased without coupons.

The Extreme Couponing show would also take you into the fortresses homes of these people where they would have 10 years worth of sugar smacks, or electric green sodas that honestly looked like nuclear waste piled up in the corner of their basements.  They must sleep well at night knowing that if Armageddon comes they will be fully stocked and ready to go should a snack attack strike at the most inopportune time.

Pure craziness, I tell you!

To Mr. FE and I, the extreme couponing strategy is not worth the time and effort. And because we believe frugality is about living a life of quality, dumpster diving (ick!) will never be part our game plan. It’s just pure nonsense!

Part of the problem we see with coupons is that the manufacturers are driven to push processed food and junk that we’ll never use. We prefer to spend our money wisely on high quality, nutritious food. Most often we find it far cheaper to buy many items at our beloved Market Basket.

That’s not to say that if we were going to splurge on a meal at a restaurant, which is a rare occasion in our household, and we happened to possess a worthy coupon that we wouldn’t use it, but in general we don’t coupon.

Free dessert with coupon!

We also found that buying in bulk can save us tons of time and money. We save a bundle buying epic cases of toilet paper, laundry detergent, food, and other household items at Costco. We also use the Costco Citibank card to take advantage of the additional 2% discount for in store purchases.

In the end, we would much rather avoid doing exactly what the consumerist machine want us to do, which is entice us with coupons for crap that make us falsely believe that we are getting a good deal.

It’s more about mindful spending. Buying what we need, ONLY if we need it, is key to our frugal lifestyle. No need for couponing weirdness here!

Do you currently coupon? Were you ever part of the extreme coupon club?


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