February Was A Frugal Disaster

Sometimes we fail at reaching our goals. I’m okay with this because we are only human. All we can do is try our best in life and hope things turn out as we anticipated. But in the event things don’t, we shall suck it up.

That was our February. A suck it up month.

I say that because a good amount of the spending we did was done as a matter of convenience. Something that I normally would not except in the OFE household.

The reason I’m okay with it for the month of February is because of one major setback: life. And family, of course.

Here are some examples of what we’ve spent our money on in the month of February. 

Gas – I spent countless hours driving to and from a hospital.  The commute was 2 hours each way or 4 hours round trip. In total I was on the road for about 112 hours. That’s a lot of gas!

teal ceramic mug filled with coffee near baked bread
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Food – On my way to and from the hospital, I made numerous trips to Starbucks for my two favorite comfort foods: lattes and croissants. I don’t even want to know how much I spent on overpriced caffeine and sugar!

Prior to this, the last time I entered a Starbucks was last year, and I only went twice the entire year.

For a quick bite we consumed vast volumes of pizza in the form of slices from Whole Foods. On a single visit we literally purchased six cheese pizza slices at a whopping $3.79 each. I couldn’t help but ask why we didn’t just purchase the WHOLE DAMN PIZZA! One cheese pizza is only $9.99 at our local Whole Foods store.

Wait. There’s more.

Needless garb – I also made a brief visit to Costco and purchased two pairs of fancy new winter gloves because they were on clearance. I didn’t need them. An emotional spend event, maybe? I probably already own, oh I don’t know…FIFTY DAMN PAIRS of winter gloves already!

Marie Kondo would have a blast at my house.

Anyway, I was going to do some actual math to see exactly what the financial damages were for the month of February. I’m sure it’s mind blowing where I barely scratched the surface. But, I’m tired. And I really don’t have a lot to say about it.

Do you spend more during stressful times? If so, how do you normally handle it? If not, what strategies do you use to control it?
















6 thoughts on “February Was A Frugal Disaster

  1. this is something I can relate to- 2019 so far has been my suck it up year! I am overworking, however not really saving much which was the initial intent. My stress source is a fruitless job search now going on 4months. When the stress hits hardest, I console myself with spending- be it on uber eats, or a random discount shopping spree just to relieve the stress and distract the mind, I Totally get it

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  2. Eek, I hope your commute has gotten better this month!

    I actually don’t spend more when I’m stressed, but I’ll make more splurge-y purchases and be more spendy when I’m feeling happy and carefree. So basically it does not go well when I’m on vacation, but I’ve gotten much better over the years.

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  3. Sorry to hear about your hospital trips.been there, and this is tough when a family member is in a non certain health situation.i remember i realy had to fight this overall feeling of YOLO after visiting the hospital, and maybe the over spendings had to do with that feeling of our somewhat fragile existence.. it took me quite a few months to get back on track.wish good health to everyone.

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