About Us

Our Frugal Escapades is a blog about our adventures. We write about our travels, food, and life in New England.

FAQs –

  • We were both born and raised in New England
  • We are happily married
  • We love the city of Boston
  • Our favorite time of year is Fall
  • We haven’t missed a Patriots game in 5 years
  • We are addicted to Regina Pizza
  • We like living frugally

About Jen

Jen (the writer of this blog) works as an accountant, In my spare time I like to write, read, and cook healthy recipes. I’m also aspiring to become a better photographer and lot more organized. A little known fact I can become overly passionate when discussing politics or sports!

About Billy

Billy works as a sales manager for mega corp. On the side, he prefers being a kid and likes to collect anything from the 80’s; comics, toys, movies, etc. His favorite topics of discussion are music, philosophy, and world affairs. A little known fact – Billy likes to make a game out of finding change on the ground.

Together, we like to explore New England – and watch the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins games.

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