About Us

Hello! We are Mr. and Mrs. FE (i.e. frugal escapades) and we are on a wealth building adventure!

Our Goal

To be financially independent and be able to retire from the corporate rat race in 10 years.

Our Strategy 

  1. Ditch consumerism and embrace frugality
  2. Invest in low-cost index funds
  3. Slay our mortgage debt of $154,924.04

Our Life In New England

I, Mrs. FE (the writer of this blog), am an Accountant. When I’m not crunching numbers, I like to cycle, cook, knit, and stay glued to the Game Of Thrones. As a self-proclaimed personal finance nerd, I’ll never turn down a passionate discussion about personal finance or economics.  I’m also aspiring to be a better photographer, blogger, and more organized.

Mr. FE works for mega corp as a Sales & Marketing Manager. On the side, he prefers being a kid and is an avid comic book collector and historian. He is currently on an escapade to visit over 100 comic book stores all across New England, and has visited 96 stores thus far. Mr. FE is also interested in music, philosophy, and world affairs.

Together we love the great outdoors and enjoy hiking, day-tripping to the mountains, lakes, and beaches – or any corner of New England we haven’t yet explored.

Our Anonymity

For the time being we have chosen to remain anonymous. We believe it’s safer that way since we are both still active in our careers, and will be discussing our finances along with our goal to retire early.