About Us

Our Frugal Escapades discusses our path to financial independence. We write about our adventures, frugality, personal finance, health, or anything else that keep us motivated.

We believe that working until the average retirement age of 67 years (plus) is nothing more than a pipe dream. Involuntary job loss, age discrimination, automation, illness, and the need to take care of a loved one are just some of the reasons why we may be forced to leave the workplace earlier than planned.

We have three main goals – 

  1. Become financially independent by age 55
  2. Pay off our remaining $154,924.04  $134,585.76 mortgage debt
  3. Work towards a healthier mind and body

Our Life In New England

I, Mrs. FE (the writer of this blog), works as an accountant. In my spare time I like to practice my writing skills, read, learn healthy recipes, and watch Games of Thrones. I’m also aspiring to become a better photographer and a lot more organized.

Mr. FE works for a mega corp as a sales & marketing manager. On the side, he prefers being a kid and likes to collect anything from the 80’s; comics, toys, movies, etc. Mr. FE’s favorite topics of discussion are music, philosophy, and world affairs.

Together we enjoy hiking, day-tripping to the mountains, lakes, and beaches; or anywhere we haven’t yet explored.

Our Anonymity

We have chosen to remain anonymous because we are both still very active in our careers. However, if we achieve our goal of reaching financial independence we will be more than happy to share who we are!

Thank you for visiting Our Frugal Escapades! We hope you’ll join us on our journey to financial independence!