About Us

Our Frugal Escapades discusses our path to financial independence. We write about our adventures, frugality, personal finance, health, and inspiration to keep us motivated.

Our Epiphany

After 20+ years (and still counting) working for corporate America, we have found ourselves completely exhausted from the rat race. The work stress, long hours, office politics, sedentary lifestyle, and being stuck in a cubicle doesn’t appeal to us the way that it used too. And the thought of working until the full retirement age of 67 1/2 or beyond, terrifies us. We want our freedom back to live out the rest of our lives on our terms, not corporate America’s.

Welcome To Our Frugal Escapades!

Escapade: 1) “a usually adventurous action that runs counter to approved or conventional wisdom” – Merriam Webster 2) “an escape from confinement or restraint” – Dictionary.com

Our Frugal Escapades, which started in April of 2016, is a way to document our lives as we work toward our goals to achieve financial independence and a healthier lifestyle. Why have a blog? In one word: accountability.

We have set three major goals:

Goal #1: Pay off our remaining $154,924.04 mortgage debt.

Goal #2: Grow our retirement.

Goal# 3: Reclaim our health, mind, and body.

Our Finances

It’s time for us to ditch the trap that mainstream society has us conditioned to follow. The days of having a traditional 30-year mortgage, two new cars in the driveway, revolving credit card debt, meals out, expensive entertainment, and the spend, spend, spend mentality is now over. We want our financial freedom, and we believe frugality combined with smart money management is key to achieving our long-term goal of being able to retire by the age of 55.

Why 55? We feel that working until 67 1/2 or longer is nothing more than pure fantasy. Involuntary job loss, age discrimination, automation, illness, and the need to care for a loved one are just some of the reasons why we may be forced to leave the workplace earlier than planned. By reaching our goal of becoming financially independent before age 55, we will be prepared for whatever comes our way.

Our Health

Stress, illness, middle age weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and poor cardiovascular health are all consequences of our sedentary lifestyle. And making poor nutritional choices on the go and not paying attention to what our bodies are telling us has taken its toll on us both.

We can no longer afford to sweep our declining physical and mental health under the rug. We want to be healthy, fit, and strong enough to enjoy our many planned adventures in both the present and the future.

Our Life In New England

Mr. FE’s favorite comic book haunt!

Mr. FE works for a mega corp as a Sales & Marketing Manager. On the side, he prefers being a kid and likes to collect anything from the 80’s; comics, toys, movies, etc. Mr. FE’s favorite topics of discussion are music, philosophy, and world affairs.

I, Mrs. FE (the writer of this blog), am an Accountant. I’m an avid reader who likes to cook, knit, and stay glued to the Game Of Thrones. I’m also aspiring to be a better photographer, blogger, and more organized.

Together we enjoy hiking, day-tripping to the mountains, lakes, and beaches – or anywhere we haven’t yet explored.

Our Anonymity

We have chosen to remain anonymous because we are both still very active in our careers. However, if we achieve our goal of retiring early, we will be more than happy to share who we are!

Thank you for visiting Our Frugal Escapades! We hope you’ll join us on our journey to financial independence!