Upping Our Health Game: Intro

I've always put forth a decent effort to stay healthy, but when I lost my father to pancreatic cancer, and later discovered that this disease could be genetic, my desire to stay healthy quickly turned into a passion. And I use the term "passion" in its most vivid sense because I'm still reluctant to admit that my … Continue reading Upping Our Health Game: Intro


February Was A Frugal Disaster

Sometimes we fail at reaching our goals. I'm okay with this because we are only human. All we can do is try our best in life and hope things turn out as we anticipated. But in the event things don't, we shall suck it up. That was our February. A suck it up month. I say … Continue reading February Was A Frugal Disaster

Finance, Diversity and Other Lessons My Father Taught Me

On February 21, 2019, my father lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. It's been an emotional time for me because I didn't just lose a father, but I also lost a great mentor and my best friend. My father was a man of integrity, and his devotion toward his family and friends was relentless. He … Continue reading Finance, Diversity and Other Lessons My Father Taught Me